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O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS)

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The O-Ring Face Seal uses an O-Ring in groove that has been machined in the face of the male side. This is mated to a flat face on the female swivel side, forming a seal without metal deformation. The O-Ring face seal connection has been tested to SAE J343 test and procedures and meets or exceeds SAE J 1453 specifications. The connector has proven its superiority in leak resistance, ease of installation, high operating pressure, increased torque tolerance and reusability with re gard to its ability to be repeatedly connected and disconnected.

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Item #

Thread Configuration



FS2403 MFS-MFS Union
FS2503 MFS-MFS 45° Elbow
FS2500 MFS-MFS 90° Elbow
FS2406 MFS-FMFS Tube End
FS2408 MFS Hex Head Plug
FS2404 MFS-MP Straight
FS2503 MFS-MP 45° Elbow
FS2501 MFS-MP 90° Elbow
FS2701 MFS-MFS Bulkhead
FS2701 MFS-MFS 90° Bulkhead
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1 
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