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Pipe Threads

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There are several variations of pipe threads. Thread forms include the Dry Seal American Standard Taper Pipe (NPTF), National Pipe Straight Threads for Mechanical Joints (NPSF), and dry seal American Fuel Internal Straight Pipe Thread (NPSF). Each series is normally identified by the abbreviated letter designation.

The NPTF thread is recommended for hydraulic service. The thread series is used on both male and female ends and forms a seal by the interference fit at the root and crest of the matting threads. The NPTF male also has an internal chamfer of 30° which allows it to seal at the seat with female NPSM pipe swivels. The NPSM is a straight thread and sealing is obtained by the mating of the 30º seats of the male and female ends.

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Item #

Thread Configuration



5000 FP-FP Coupler
5404 MP-MP Nipple
5406 MP-FP Reducer
5406-HP MP Hollow Head Plug
5406-P MP Hex Head Plug
5406-SHP MP Square Head Plug
5406-C Female Cap
5501 MP-MP Elbow 45°
5500 MP-MP Elbow 90°
5503 MP-FP Elbow 45°
5502 MP-FP Elbow 90°
1404 MP-FPS Swivel
1503 MP-FPS 45° Swivel
5505 FJP-FP 45° Elbow
5504 FP-FP 90° Elbow
5601 MP-MP-FP Branch Tee
5603 MP-FP-MP Run Tee
5604 FP-FP-MP Branch Tee
5602 FP-MP-FP Run Tee
5605 FP-FP-FP Pipe Tee
  Results 1 - 20 of 20 1 
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